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Where our graduates are working

McMaster’s excellent academic training has facilitated the movement of our PhD graduates into rewarding jobs in the university and public sectors.

Our graduates have secured postdoctoral fellowships (Johnson-Shoyama School, Asia Pacific Foundation) tenure track university positions (Bishops,  Brock, Carleton, Guelph, Mount Allison, Ottawa, l’Université de Montréal, Western, Winnipeg, York,  PUC-RIO Brazil, ) research positions at think tanks (IRPP) and in the federal and provincial civil service (Treasury Board, Higher Education Quality Council, Ontario Ministry of the Environment).

Below is a list of names, positions and contacts of some of our PhD Alumni:



Al-Kassimi, Khaled Assistant Professor, The American University in the Emirates
Ayhan, Berkay Assistant Professor, Kadir Has University
Bernards, Nicholas Associate Professor, University of Warwick
Blab, Danielle Researcher, Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada
Bubak, Oldrich Associate Professor, University of Hradec Kralove
Campbell-Verduyn, Malcolm Assistant Professor, University of Groningen
Di Gregorio, Michael Senior Manager, Top Hat
Diaz Rios, Claudia Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
Frowd, Philippe M. Associate Professor, University of Ottawa
Gordon, Michael Co-Editor, Refuge: Canada's Journal on Refugees
Hukil, Roomana Policy Analyst, Canadian Coast Guard, Fisheries and Oceans Canada 
Jackson, Samantha Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
Jurgutis Foran, Jessica Assistant Professor, Lakehead University
King, Hayden Assistant Professor, Toronto Metropolitan University
Leonard, Kelsey Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo
Marlin, Marguerite Policy Analyst, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Merolli, Jessica Professor, Sheridan College
Midzain-Gobin, Liam Assistant Professor, Brock University
Mitrea, Sorin Policy Analyst, Natural Resources Canada
Muirhead, Jacob Policy Analyst, Transport Canada
Munin, Ata-Ul Infrastructure Canada
Nyirakamana, Colette Senior Research Associate, University of Toronto
Rioux Ouimet, Hubert Associate, École nationale d'administration publique
Rowe, Andrea EDI Specialist, Global Water Futures
Shoker, Sarah Researcher, OpenAI
Sleiman-Long, Zeina NorQuest College
Teke Lloyd, Armagan Assistant Professor, Abdullah Gül University
Tombari, Stephanie Research Analyst, Sheridan College
Wijeratne, Suneth Sessional Instructor, Brock University
Zhang, Falin Associate Professor, Nankai University


Recent Theses (2015 to present):

Name Thesis Title
Al-Kassimi, Khaled Jus Gentium & the Arab as Muselmänner: The “Islamist Winter” is the Pre-Emptive (Creative) Chaos of the “Arab Spring” Multiplying Necropolises
Ayhan, Berkay Cultural Political Economy of Financial Literacy in Turkey
Bernards, Nicholas Actors and Entanglements in Global Governance: The ILO in sub-Saharan Africa
Blab, Danielle Muslims of Interest: Practices of Racialization in the Context of the War on Terror
Bubak, Oldrich Social Policy at the Edge of Knowledge: Towards a Unified View of Evolutionary Change in Policy Systems
Campbell-Verduyn, Malcolm Reasserting Private Authority in Times of Crisis: Technical to Moral Discourses in Anglo-American Finance
Di Gregorio, Michael The Affect of the Political: On the Politics and Psychology of Internalizing the International
Diaz Rios, Claudia When Global Ideas Collide with Domestic Interests: The Politics of Secondary Education Governance in Argentina, Chile and Colombia
Ferdosi, Mohammad The Development of Employment Protection Legislation in the United Kingdom (1963-2018) and Sweden (1971-2020)
Frowd, Philippe Mamadou Securing Borders in West Africa: Transnational Actors, Practices, and Knowledges
Gordon, Michael Solidarity and Resistance at the Borders of EUrope: Civil Fleet Search and Rescue Operations in the Mediterranean Boarderscape
Haarink, Steve North Korea Does Not Exist: Human Rights in Asymmetry
Hukil, Roomana Exploring Core-Periphery Subjectivities: Transnational Advocacy Networks and Environmental Movements in India
Jackson, Samanatha Politicizing the White Coat: Physician Activism and Asylum Seeker Healthcare in Canada, Germany and England
Jurgutis Foran, Jessica Colonial Carcerality and International Relations: Imprisonment, Carceral Space, and Settler Colonial Governance in Canada
King, Hayden An Anishinaabe Politics of the International: Odaenuah, Akina, Miniwaa Gchi'Naaknigewin
Leonard, Kelsey Nipi Mamoweenene: Indigenous Water Governance to Protect the Heart of Ohke (Mother Earth) the Great Lakes, Nayanno-Nibiimaang Gichigamiin, Kanyatare'Kó:Wa
Marlin, Marguerite ENGO Policy Influence via Legislative Committees in Canada, the United States, and Russia
Merolli, Jessica Feeling like a Citizen: Integration Exams, Expertise, and Sites of Resistance in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands
Midzain-Gobin, Liam Making Sense: Indigenous Peoples, Knowledge Production, and Settler Colonialism
Mitrea, Sorin Labour Market Policy and the Cognitive Face of Political Economy
Muirhead, Jacob The Potential of Contracting in Global Agri-Food Governance: The Pursuit of Public Interests Through Private Contracts
Munim, Ata-Ul Policy Rationale for Innovation Parks in Canada
Nyirakamana, Colette Incentives, Rules, Power, and Discretion: A Comparative Analysis of Local Financial Autonomy Building in The Cities of Accra and Nairobi
Rioux Ouimet, Hubert The New Sponsor States: Economic Nationalism & Venture Capital in Quebec and Scotland, 1990-2017
Rowe, Andrea Designing Equality of Opportunity in National Innovation Systems Moving Towards Gender Conscious Policy, Performance Measurement, and Resource Allocation
Shoker, Sarah Military-Age Males in U.S Counterinsurgency and Drone Warfare
Sleiman-Long, Zeina Sanctuary Regions and the Struggle for Belonging and Recognition Among Undocumented Immigrants in the United States
Tabassum, Nowrin Multi-scalar Knowledge Brokers and the Labelling of Bangladesh’s Climate Change-induced Uprooted People
Teke, Fatima Armagan Gender, Migration Regimes and Frames of Deservingness: The Gendered Management of Women's Care Migration from Armenia to Turkey
Tombari, Stephanie The Green Publicity State: Sustainability, Austerity, and the 'Green Economy' in Michigan and Ontario, 2007-2012
Vella, Trina The Courts and Political Speech Rights: A Comparative Study
Wegner, Nicole Inter-National Imag(ining):Canada's Military in Afghanistan
Wijeratne, Suneth Examining Other Diplomacies of Sri Lankan Migrant Workers in South Korea: A Human-Centric Approach to Diplomatic Studies
Zhang, Falin Comprehending China’s Stances Toward Global Financial Governance: A Two-stage Model

All theses are available through the McMaster Library Digital Commons.