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The Asian Research Working Group (ARWG)

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The Asian Research Working Group (ARWG)

Building on the President’s Forward with Integrity initiative, an Asian Research Working Group (ARWG) was formed by Political Science Faculty, Dr. Netina Tan in 2014 to build a community of scholars who work on Asia by promoting interdisciplinary dialogue, collaboration and initiatives in McMaster.

One of the ARWG’s goals is to explore the possibility of creating an Asian Research Centre to deepen our understanding of and engagement with Asia - one of the world’s most dynamic regions in the globalized world today.

The aim of the Asian Research Centre will be to build and leverage on the research strengths and networks of the growing number of scholars in McMaster who work on Asia, broadly defined to include area studies, languages, religion, politics, health and business as well as issues regarding Asians within Canada and relations between Asia and Canada.

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Asia-Canada: Transnational Collaborative Research Conference

On 4 October 2014, the ARWG organized a campus wide interdisciplinary conference on “Asia-Canada: Transnational Collaborative Research Conference” in McMaster that drew more than 150 scholars who work on Asia to come together to present their work on Asia. In May 2015, another conference on “Globalization and Asia” and a summer school will be organized.

Those interested and want to participate in the Asian Research Working Group please email: arwg@mcmaster.ca.