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The Interdisciplinary Globalization and Time Working Project

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The Interdisciplinary Globalization and Time Working Project

The interdisciplinary Globalization and Time Working Project, associated with the Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition, has been exploring the relationship between globalization and time and the implications of this for humans and the environment.

The Project has explored questions such as:

  • How have the differing temporalities of hegemonic or macro-structural forces, daily life, generational change, the life cycle, and our place in history changed with globalization?
  • Have risk and various future-oriented practices displaced tradition in globally shaping human imagination and conduct?
  • What effects do temporal acceleration and deceleration have on global inequalities?
  • How does globalization interact with, shape, reveal or conceal non-human temporalities, such as evolutionary or geological time?
  • What is the role of human autonomy in resisting, shaping, and reconstructing dominant temporalities, including those associated with neoliberalism, and challenging their adverse effects?


From our department, Tony Porter has been involved with the project from its start.

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