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Mapping the Global Dimensions of Policy Conference

Mapping the Global Dimensions of Policy Conference

Thirteenth Annual Graduate Conference on the Intersections of Globalization and Public Policy.

The Department of Political Science at McMaster University is excited to present Mapping the Global Dimensions of Policy 13. The conference brings together graduate students whose research speaks to the questions raised in the fields of Globalization and policy studies.


Hosted by the Department of Political Science at McMaster University, Hamilton and our partners, this years conference will take place from March 8th to 9th 2024.

Mapping the Global Dimensions of Policy 13: Alternative Approaches to Pressing Issues

We are living through an era of intersecting crises that have revealed the shortcomings and contradictions of many mainstream and entrenched policy perspectives. For example, geopolitical struggles, environmental issues, energy pressures, new technologies like AI, and health emergencies, to name a few, place pressure on already buckling policy systems. When examined across times and scales, especially when situated in the global context, the criticality and complexity of such issues become even more evident. Thus, in an era of immense change, highlighting and strengthening new research is crucial. As a result, this year’s conference has four main goals: (1) bolstering graduate students’ research by providing a platform for new work; (2) providing in-depth feedback and avenues to advance graduate students’ careers – both academic and non-academic; (3) fostering a space for graduate students to connect with fellow students and professors and learn from each other in a collaborative environment and (4) creating the opportunities to advance graduate student careers – both academic and non-academic – by hosting development panels.


McMaster University’s thirteenth annual Graduate Conference, Mapping the Global Dimensions of Policy 13 – Alternative Approaches to Pressing Issues, invites contributions speaking to all questions raised at the intersections of globalization and policy studies. We welcome graduate students from all disciplines with new research ideas to submit proposals for a paper or poster presentation. This includes, but is not limited to, the disciplines of Political Science, International Development Studies, Public Policy, Sociology, Geography, Environmental Studies, History, Labour Studies, Law, Economics, Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Psychology, and Health Studies. Panels will be organized thematically to advance critical analysis of research on related topics. 


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Conference Information

Follow the links below to submit an abstract or to find out more information about this year’s conference.

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Organizers & Co-sponsors

Conference Organizers

  • Professor Stephen McBride (Political Science)
  • Alicja Krubnik – Conference Chair
  • Patrick Sauriol – Co-Chair
  • Joy Schnittker
  • Mackenzie Porter
  • Noah Fry
  • Abigail Jaimes Zelaya
  • Anayochukwu Iheagwara
  • Anjli Sharma
  • Hiba Zinbarakji
  • Sergio Rodrigo
  • Janna Abouelkhair
  • Elliot Goodell Ugalde

Conference Sponsors

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Past Programs, Posters and Call for Proposals

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“I received constructive, detailed and extensive feedback on the paper that I presented at McMaster’s Mapping the Global Dimensions of Policy graduate conference. The discussant’s comments were all ones that strengthened my paper and were also focused on realistic areas for improvement that took into consideration my position as a graduate student with limited resources” – Conference attendant


“I was very impressed with my discussant’s feedback. It was above and beyond what I expected and it will prove very helpful in revising my paper” – Conference attendant


“I presented at the MGDP conference last year and was really impressed. I received amazing feedback that has really helped in moving my paper forward. I highly recommend the conference to anyone looking for engagement from their discussant” – Conference attendant

Guidelines for Presenters

  1. Presenters are required to provide copies of their completed papers to globalization.conference@gmail.com no later than Sunday February 25th 2024  so that discussants will have enough time to read through them and offer you comments. The discussant has no obligation to comment on the paper if it has not been previously seen. Such an action would be a loss to all attending the session.
  2. The text must be SINGLE SPACED, not exceeding a word count of 8,000, including notes appendices, with standard margins and saved as a Word or PDF file.
  3. Presenters should prepare comments outlining the major points of their papers. A good presentation is a must for a successful session.
  4. Oral Presentation (10-12 minutes) – Below are the guidelines for preparing an oral summary of a paper:

No paper should ever be read verbatim from the text. Such presentations are often not only dull but also incomplete due to time constraints imposed by the chair; an author reading from text may be cut off by the chair before reaching the most significant aspects of the presentation. Highlights may be given covering such points as the purpose of the study, description of the sample, methodology, problems, major findings, conclusions, or recommendations. The amount of time devoted to each highlight may vary depending upon the author’s evaluation of the importance of each area related to the paper. Inexperienced extemporaneous speakers are advised to prepare a “reading text” of approximately 5 typed pages.