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Students with interests in climate change, the global water crisis and a range of environmental and natural resource policy challenges will find expertise in McMaster’s Political Science department.

Faculty address these challenges in connection with broader debates about development, political economy, property rights, labour and global governance:

Shafiqul Huque

Shafiqul Huque is interested in public policy and administration and development. He is interested in exploring issues related to climate change in developing countries with two specific objectives. The first objective is to identify the factors that drive developing countries to make adjustments in the policy and administrative structures to comply with internal and external needs and demands resulting from climate change. The second objective is to examine the consequence of these changes and their impact on the capacity of governments and quality of governance.


Stephen McBride

Stephen McBride investigates the relationship between policies promoting economic growth and green economy solutions to climate change issues; institutional constraints on green economy strategies, including those posed by international trade and investment agreements and national policies of budgetary austerity; and possibilities for policy change.


photo of Stephen McBride

Stephen McBride

Professor | Canada Research Chair in Public Policy and Globalization

photo of Robert O'Brien

Robert O'Brien

Ph.D. Political Science, York University (Canada)1992


Robert O'Brien

Robert O'Brien is interested in the global political economy and international politics of climate change. This includes issues such as the North-South debate, role of TNCs, social movement responses, climate refugees, and the politics of climate change denial. He teaches a graduate course on the global political economy of climate change and an undergraduate course on the politics of climate change.


Tony Porter

Tony Porter has focused on the changing character of global governance and transnational business regulation, including the role in these of private authority, the management of low-frequency high-impact risks, expert knowledge, temporality and materiality, all of which are relevant to climate change. He has a particular interest in the auto and mining industries.